Welcome to CNR Bologna Research Area

PHASE 2: protocol for CNR Research Area of Bologna safety and prevention in relation to Covid-19 health emergency

The Bologna Research Area offers services and support to the National Research Council (CNR) and the National Institute for Astrophysics Institutes present on the site as well as to those in other cities in Emilia-Romagna.

Dr.Roberto Zamboni is now the President of CNR Research Area, Mr. Robert Minghetti is the Organizational Manager for the Area Services.

On the campus in Via Gobetti there are a total of eight Institutes belonging both to the CNR and to the Italian National Astrophysics Institute (INAF) together with the Central Area Library, Conference Centre and Ancillary Services.

The Bologna Research Area holds also: Tecnopolo Bologna CNR with MISTER and PROAMBIENTE laboratories, ART-ERĀ (Attractiveness Research Territory), Innovation Accelerators and EIT Climate-KIC.