Ancillary services

President of CNR Territorial Research Area Maria Cristina Facchini
Organizational Manager Robert Minghetti

Services managed by internal staff

Secretary 0516398111
Fax 0516398491
Administrative Office Giovanna Balzani 0516398485
Administrative Office Tiziana Cremonini 0516398487
Protocol Office Sergio Settembrini 0516398123
Normative technical support Daniela Lughi 0516398492
Technical Department Robert Minghetti 0516398484
IT Services Simona Tubertini 0516398488
Conference Centre Barbara Gualandi 0516398483
Library Silvana Mangiaracina 0516398026
Library Ornella Russo 0516398027
Library Sergio Settembrini 0516398123
Library Alessandro Tugnoli 0516398035

Outsourced services

Porter service (h24 7 days a week) 0516398146
Bank branch with money machine (Conference Centre, main entrance hall) 0516342040
Cafeteria ext. 8108
Canteen ext. 8149
Electrical maintenance 0516399206 / ext: 6015
Maintenance of heating/air conditioning and other plant Ordinary work: e-mail to
In cases of urgency 0542653957 / Ext: 6013

Official management bodies and Committees

Area Committee
RSU (workers trade union delegation) of CNR and INAF Institutes
RLS (Delegates for Safety at Work)
Canteen Service Committee
Area Library Committee
IT Services Committee
Science Dissemination Committee